Why IKEA makes moving country so much easier

I always thought IKEA is the best option for expats when moving country. It saved me from a lot of hassle and makes sure all my belongings still fit into a 10m3 white van… They recently came to my attention with their fun ads.


Here is why IKEA makes moving country so much easier:

  • You can buy the same items again in most places around the world, at least most of them. All that in a one-stop-shop with Swedish meatballs and cranberry sauce.
  • It is cheap, modern and contemporary.
  • IKEA furniture comes flat packed and can be disassembled (although most are not built for moving house!)
  • You can save on relocation costs because you won’t mind to sell or bin your furniture when the next move approaches. It is easily replaceable, see above.
  • Most people like IKEA furniture and you will surely be able to sell most of it second hand – I always did!

Check out this awesome link for IKEA DIY ideas: 37 clever ways to organise your entire life with IKEA. Have fun!



I have been a traveller and expat for over 15 years. So far my nomad lifestyle has allowed me to live and work in seven countries including the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Australia. Moving country, studying abroad and a passion for travel has been part of most of my adult life.

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