The Great Language Game

New year, new luck. Let’s start it with a bit of fun.
Here’s a fun online game for travellers and expats (and possibly linguists) to challenge your knowledge of languages, well… how to distinguish between 80 different languages of the world. You get to pick between a multiple choice of languages, getting more complex as the game goes on. At the end of each round you get to review and learn about the languages you missed, so it even has some educational value here.


It seemed difficult at first, but when listening to the sounds I quickly got a feel for the geographical region of its origin. Sounds weird but you’ll see what I mean when you play a few rounds. Enjoy!


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I have been a traveller and expat for over 15 years. So far my nomad lifestyle has allowed me to live and work in seven countries including the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Australia. Moving country, studying abroad and a passion for travel has been part of most of my adult life.

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    1. It’s funny, it keeps suggesting German and Scottish Gaelic at the same time. I thought they’d be completely different, but some sounds are pretty similar…

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