How do you spend Christmas abroad?

You truly live an expat life when you spend Christmas abroad. Most of us probably prefer travelling home over the holidays, but sometimes work or travel distance might stop us from spending it with our family; or maybe we just love to live an expat life to the fullest and stay at our new home. I personally quite like to travel over Christmas and discover new parts of the world.

Here are 8 tips how to make the best out of any Christmas away from home:…

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Here’s inspiration for what to see and visit on your next trip to Spain

Planning to get away over the holidays? Check out – an online platform to bring local tourist guides and travellers together. It allows you to find your travel adventure by destination while offering you anything between sight seeing, nightlife, culinary tours or sports adventures. It’s a great chance to get shown around by locals. You pick and choose. Or maybe you may just want to find some inspiration for yourself…


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How about Christmas presents on the go?


Christmas is approaching and there is that feeling of wanting to give something back to those marvellous people who have been great to you on the way or you just want to say thank you. When travelling or at a new expat home, budget can be tight and you are probably restricted in what belongings you can bring. We certainly have to be creative.

Girls, how about a minimalist approach to awesome handmade, personal presents now that knitting & crochet are back in fashion?…

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12 curious facts about living in Spain

sagrada famila

It’s my first year in Spain and every day I am still learning something new about the way of life here in Barcelona – it is very international, Catalan and in some ways not very Spanish for these reasons. To be honest that makes it all the more interesting and fun for me! I like Catalan mentality and I love to speak four languages in one day.

Here are 12 things that stick out for me in Spain, in no particular order:…

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Here is what I learned on my 25-year-journey from East to West

I watched this documentary about 25 East German families 25 years after the Berlin wall came down, focusing on who they have become today and who they continue to be after a long journey into a new country.


Being a child of the East myself I found it very moving and I now feel I have always been watching my past from a distance without fully appreciating my roots nor understanding my identity. I wonder how others cope with that? Sometimes I feel like having lost the home country of my childhood; it doesn’t exist as such anymore. My journey …

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Languages are keys to new worlds. How do you relate to them?


We live in a time where speaking 3 or 4 languages is not extraordinary anymore; it is so much more common to be multilingual these days. Multilingual people use several languages in everyday life. Some people call them gifted and intelligent, others doubt they can fully master any one of those languages.

Be it your mother tongue or a language you acquired later in life, I certainly agree that you have to keep in touch with each language. You will lose its fine-tuning if you stop using it. Besides interest in grammar and attention to detail, it helps being aware …

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