Lonely expat: How do you handle loneliness?

expat life can be like on a different planet

Expat life sounds exciting and adventurous to most people. We get to experience different ways of life and to learn about new countries, cultures and mentalities. It truly is exciting! Especially the first six months are filled with thrilling excitement and discoveries about the “new” life while relocation and general adjustment keep us busy. During that time we may go through a rollercoaster of emotions. And when it finally gets a bit quieter and find a routine, we may feel a little lonely sometimes.

Even after 10 years of living abroad a feeling of isolation comes and goes in steady …

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Wild by Cheryl Strayed: Why you shouldn’t miss out

You may have seen this trailer for the movie “Wild” being advertised in cinemas recently.  I couldn’t wait to see it! I loved the book “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail” by Cheryl Strayed and believe that both the movie and especially the book, were awesome. To me, it’s a truly inspiring read which I would recommend when traveling or when you are in a transition between different stages in your life. Here is why you should not miss out on it:…

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Free online education? A glimpse on studying internationally.

How are your New Year resolutions holding up? I decided 2015 should be about personal progress and investing time in further education. And yes, we can do it all, even on a budget. I actually begin to think online courses are a great opportunity, especially for expats and long term travellers to pick up certificates on the way. Here are three opportunities for you.


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How do you feel about leaving your comfort zone?

Traveling for a gap year or moving to a new country often means leaving our comfort zone. We never know what exactly it will be like. We might leave behind a safe job, a partner, family and friends for an unknown period of time. Everything is open and will probably turn out differently than we think it might.


Check out this awesome video, and feel free to share how you felt before a major imminent trip or expat posting.…

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It’s my year of the three wise monkeys. Do you buy art as a souvenir?


I am starting the New Year with positive intentions and with this new painting in my office. It’s inspired by the three wise monkeys of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.
To me it links to Buddhist tradition and the proverb of not dwelling on negative thoughts which is in line with my interest in NLP and Positive Psychology. (I also think it perfectly expresses that Monday morning feeling when you switch on your computer 😉 )

It made me think that pictures can be resourceful to expats and travellers and are probably one of the best …

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The Great Language Game

New year, new luck. Let’s start it with a bit of fun.
Here’s a fun online game for travellers and expats (and possibly linguists) to challenge your knowledge of languages, well… how to distinguish between 80 different languages of the world. You get to pick between a multiple choice of languages, getting more complex as the game goes on. At the end of each round you get to review and learn about the languages you missed, so it even has some educational value here.…

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