How to pack your bag efficiently

There are many theories about how to pack your luggage more efficiently and everyone seems to know just the trick. Do you fold, roll or use a stuff bag to fit it all in?
When I saw this video, I thought I couldn’t say it better! See for yourself

How to pack like a Pro:

Sure, not everyone likes to take a suitcase, but you can definitely get useful tips as a backpacker.

Here is additional advice on how to pack a backpack:


  • Lay out everything you need to bring. Then look what you can reduce. Be ruthless: leave some of those shirts at home. Do you really need all those things? 😉
  • Bulky items need to go in first, then push folded clothes around them, filling in the gaps with socks. To be honest, I don’t believe in rolling my clothes, apart from when filling gaps. Make sure to keep the weight balanced and centered – heavy items shouldn’t be placed too low down, neither too high up.
  • Compression sacks can be useful to compress soft and bulky items like sleeping bags.
  • Strap awkwardly shaped items like sleeping mats to the outside. Although I’d take these off when giving up your luggage to go on a plane or bus.
  • Pack according to your needs: When going on a plane I prefer to empty all side pockets to avoid damage or theft and keep personal items on me in a smaller backpack. When on a hike, I fill those side pockets with stuff I need to access frequently.


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What’s your advice on how to pack your bag like a pro?



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  1. These were good tips. I especially liked the rolled socks in shoes trick. I also use oversized ziplock bags and after carefully folding clothes, put each one in the bag, squeeze the air out, and then layer them. Somehow, the airtight bags keep clothes from wrinkling. Course, you have to be somewhere where big plastic bags are buyable! Lol. Nice and useful post.

    1. That sounds like a great trick to try out, thanks for sharing. I have used small ziplock bags for useful small stuff. As you say they are great squeeze the air out and help to keep things in order 😉 I will look out for big ones, not sure we get them here?

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