The Great Language Game

New year, new luck. Let’s start it with a bit of fun.
Here’s a fun online game for travellers and expats (and possibly linguists) to challenge your knowledge of languages, well… how to distinguish between 80 different languages of the world. You get to pick between a multiple choice of languages, getting more complex as the game goes on. At the end of each round you get to review and learn about the languages you missed, so it even has some educational value here.…

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How about Christmas presents on the go?


Christmas is approaching and there is that feeling of wanting to give something back to those marvellous people who have been great to you on the way or you just want to say thank you. When travelling or at a new expat home, budget can be tight and you are probably restricted in what belongings you can bring. We certainly have to be creative.

Girls, how about a minimalist approach to awesome handmade, personal presents now that knitting & crochet are back in fashion?…

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Are you a traveller at heart and always wanted to just go and see the world? Be inspired! Let’s live and share amazing fun moments, because life is short.

I have always thought I wanted to travel as much as I can, live in other countries WHILE  I still can, and collect plenty of long-term memories, that will keep me happy in old age. See, when growing up in the former GDR, travelling wasn’t exactly a given.
So far I have lived and worked in 7 countries. Let me tell you some of my stories…

Welcome to iTravel4life blog

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