all you need to move abroad for the job

Go abroad for the job: How to become an expat in 4 weeks

In times of globalization and the economic crisis, international job offers are easier to get than ever before. Whether you went through a tough application process or via an internal job transfer to an overseas office, the new team is probably awaiting you asap. And you may find yourself moving country within weeks. Are you ready to go abroad? Here is a checklist to guide you through the initial steps to international relocation:…

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Barcelona inspires expats – Why you should be networking

Barcelona is working hard on attracting talent through multinationals and research projects and by promoting itself as the ideal open-minded international city with California lifestyle and start-up creativity in Europe.

“Talent attracts capital far more effectively than capital attracts talent”


Last Thursday Barcelona Global hosted its third Hola Barcelona Networking Event at the beautiful Palauet Albéniz at Montjuic: a beautiful, exclusive location that strikes me as miniature Paris Versailles with breath-taking views over the city and the National Art Museum of Catalonia in its background.…

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Work and Travel in beautiful Australia


Ever thought of taking a gap year? So what stopped you from leaving work for inspirational time off or from taking a sabbatical year?
In 2009 I resigned from my job, sold most of my belongings and went to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. For a whole year I carried all I had in a backpack and never planned ahead for more than a week or two. I just went with the flow and had some of the best times of my life!…

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Free online education? A glimpse on studying internationally.

How are your New Year resolutions holding up? I decided 2015 should be about personal progress and investing time in further education. And yes, we can do it all, even on a budget. I actually begin to think online courses are a great opportunity, especially for expats and long term travellers to pick up certificates on the way. Here are three opportunities for you.


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How do you spend Christmas abroad?

You truly live an expat life when you spend Christmas abroad. Most of us probably prefer travelling home over the holidays, but sometimes work or travel distance might stop us from spending it with our family; or maybe we just love to live an expat life to the fullest and stay at our new home. I personally quite like to travel over Christmas and discover new parts of the world.

Here are 8 tips how to make the best out of any Christmas away from home:…

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13 valuable tips for moving to a new country

Moving country is a great, rewarding and character building experience. You get the chance to learn from other mentalities, customs and ways of life that enrich your own. I would not want to miss it!


However, don’t underestimate the stress and pressure you can be exposed to, especially during the first six months. Having lived in 7 different countries, I know well enough what I’d like to call a “circle of emotions” you go through. …

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