7 tips to help you stay fit when travelling

guide how to keep in shape on your travels

Summer holidays are in full swing. And no doubt, travelling messes up our training routine and staying fit can be a challenge. ‪
Does that sound familiar to you? … After going away for just a week or two you probably abandon your workouts and healthy diet and it is sooo much harder to follow your usual routine. Or worse, it feels like you have to slow down and start again from scratch?

‪When travelling we often have to spend too many hours sitting on a bus or plane. It can also be tempting to let it slide when safety, traffic or weather conditions may not allow maintaining your usual training sessions. For example when moving to Australia, the heat and the snakes by the riverside made me stop my running routine. I don’t do gyms and I hate running in a busy city, which often made me change my training approach. When living in Paris this was especially tricky and I had to get creative and set goals to keep training.

Quite often our diet gets affected too when we lose control over food choices. On business trips we spend a lot of time in restaurants and may not have the opportunity to ensure a balanced diet.

When planning your next trip, try these 7 helpful tips to keep you fit on your travels:


Be active

There are many ways to turn your trip into an active holiday. Find a local walking tour map and ask locals for parks and fitness trails. Bring your running or hiking gear or simply walk more. Do a hike in the mountains, go swimming or discover a new place by bike. Search online for locally based businesses that may offer fitness activities. Or why not try local or seasonal sports like Qi Gong in China or skiing in the Alps?
By the way, backpacking tones your stomach muscles 😉

be active on your holidays, kayak adventure


Check out the local meetups

In search of adventure and meeting other travellers I have been horse riding, kayaking, hiking and sailing with meetup.com. There are usually running groups which may also help you find a great trail in a new place.

ride horses on your adventure travels

Use apps or online training tutorials

The choice is huge and I am sure you will find a good workout – even if it’s just pushups. I use yoga studio for stretching. You could also take a Theraband  with you – it’s small and light and can be used in a park 😉

Make it your travel purpose

Why not register for a (half) marathon in Paris or at lake Constance? How about hiking a long distance trail on La Gomera or Hinchinbrook Island?

Competitions can equally be motivation. Set yourself goals which can be as simple as registering for a local 5k run and you’ll have no excuses 😉



Plan a schedule of workouts

Plan the number of workout sessions per week before you get on the plane and make sure you track your progress. A little is better than nothing.


Watch your diet

Cooking your own meal in a hostel is often healthier that sitting in for a heavy meal. Make sure you eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg. Reducing alcohol is not just good for your body, it’ll also save a few bucks for your travels. Avoid sugar and drink plenty of water.

eat healthy when travelling to keep fit

When on a business trip,

don’t see it as a vacation from your health regime. Consciously make time for a workout and be aware that tiredness, travel diet and peer pressure might make it hard. Be proactive and creative to fit it all in.


How do you stay in shape on your travels?


I have been a traveller and expat for over 15 years. So far my nomad lifestyle has allowed me to live and work in seven countries including the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Australia. Moving country, studying abroad and a passion for travel has been part of most of my adult life.

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