3 hikes in Barcelona with breathtaking views 

Whether you’re on holiday or staying for a longer period of time, don’t miss out on Barcelona’s green side. The city has plenty of hills and nature walks with fantastic panoramic sea views to offer! Here are my 3 favourite beautiful walks that will make your stay unforgettable. Maybe you might be able to make it a nice Sunday stroll or even a New Year’s walk.



3. Monastery St. Jeroni in Badalona

Combine discovering local history with fantastic Mediterranean views and visit Badalona monastery and one of the nearby remains of an Iberian village. The views are stunning.
Take the metro to St. Coloma (L1 red line) or Església Mayor (L9 orange line) and walk to the Monastery St. Jeroni de la Murtra – it’ll take you less than an hour. You can visit the monastery on a guided tour (in Catalan language only though). They also offer retreats to practice silence.
From here you can pick up a local map and climb to the mountain top following the GR92 to visit the remains of a pueblo iberico, an Iberian village dating back to the 4th century B.C.
Enjoy the gorgeous views over the sea and Montserrat mountain, before descending back down to the metro.

2. Baixador de Vallvidrera to Tibidabo 

This is a quiet stroll through Parc Colserolla up to Tibidabo that will make you feel far away from the busy city. The 1.5h climb finishes with a rewarding view from the top of Tibidabo.
Get the train from Plaza Catalunya (FGC, Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat de Catalunya, access near cafe Zürich) to Baixador de Vallvidrera – your 1 zone metro ticket will do. Follow the path towards Casa de Verdaguer where you’ll also find a visitor centre nearby with hiking maps (however they close at 3pm).
From here you can hike to the top of Tibidabo in less than an hour to enjoy the views.

Don’t be surprised to see wild boars in this area, although they all seem to be fairly used to people. You can either hike back on a different route or take the funicular back down.


1. Three hills in Carmel 

This beautiful trail, also known as Els tres cols, takes you across 3 peaks in the Carmel neighbourhood, with plenty of stunning views over Barcelona city and the sea in the background. It’s easily accessible by metro and yet you get the impression of being out in nature.
You can probably do it in 1.5h without breaks, but it’s much more fun taking in the views with a picnic, and that way you can easily make it a half-day trip.
Here’s a more detailed description for those interested – there is not much literature on the web:  😉
Start at Metro Alfons X (L4 yellow line) and make your way uphill through Parc de les Aigües towards Carrer de Budapest where you access Parc del Guinardó. Most trails lead up to the bunker viewing point of our first hill Turo de Rovira, you can’t get lost. 
When taking in the beautiful 360 degree view from the bunker, make a mental note of the trail on the neighbouring hill ahead of you (looking in the direction towards Tibidabo, check out the 2 long walls you should see, for orientation). The path to the peak is not signposted and has probably been formed by locals walking their dogs.
Descend on the side towards the sea via Carrer de Mühlberg. You may want to stop at cafe Las Delicias, a popular local bar that has been mentioned by the Catalan writer Juan Marsé in his book Últimas tardes con Teresa (Last Evenings with Teresa). It’s the best option to hang out and grab coffee or lunch on the trail.
Cross the road and climb the steep path to your right, following the wall to your right to the top of Parc de Carmel. The view from up here is the best!
Descend on the side away from the sea onto Carrer de les Coves d’en Cimany and cross over to the next park (Parc Creueta de Coll) via Carrer del Santuari. Access the peak from Carrer de Morató. The shortest path to the peak is not so easy to find, although Google Maps will help. Otherwise just follow the main path towards the right and then cross over to the top after you have passed by the buildings.  
To descend, you can follow the path along the fence around the edge, which will take you to a proper path leading to Carrer de Castellterçol. 
The next metro stop is El Coll / La Teixonera (L5 blue line) or Vallcarca (L3 green line). 
Alternatively you could cross over to Park Güell to finish the day with yet another nice view.

Let us know how you liked it 😉


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